The Ability to Create Is a Precious and Sacred Gift.

I firmly believe that the world would be a richer, happier place if people had everything they needed to create with less friction, manifest new ideas and focus on doing their best work.

Hi, I’m Vladislav!

I write, teach (through speaking, training & coaching) and consult to help other people create useful and beautiful things with less friction.

My Professional Goal

Is to equip developers with techniques and deeper knowledge to overcome issues which happen around a project - deployment, automation, designing good workflows and especially handling Docker.

I’m Successful If

My Work helps you to focus on doing work you love, while losing less time to annoying details and bugs than before.

I Like

to aim for “good enough” and avoid complexity if possible, unless there’s a good reason to buy into it. I love when I find a solution to get a lot of value with the least amount of effort.

Apart From That

I’m a creator-of-things as well. I also like to build non-DevOps-y things myself every once in a while, and have a burning love for Django.

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