Startup Deployment Level Up

Developers Are EXPENSIVE

Expensive and very valuable. Your CTO invests a lot of time on hiring the right people, making sure they can do their best work. The good ones are tricky to hire, and can be lost easily.

The salary, coordination overhead and founder attention are all worth it. You get them new MacBooks, fancy chairs, standing desks and all the dev tools they need. You’re doing your best to make sure they are productive and happy.

Are You Sure?

Here’s one thing you have not invested in, and it’s costing your company money every single day. You are missing the impact, because it’s hard to track and people are just accepting the symptoms as a given.

You infrastructure has grown organically since you started. So have your deployment processes. So is the way you are dealing with the code which makes up your product. Properly you’re still having something which originated with one of the co-founders. Sure, sometimes there’s enough pain that single parts are taken care of (which causes you to lose days of developer time, only to have everyone else catch up with the changes and fight with hidden bugs.

Your business is bleeding time and money, by neglecting architecting, designing and implimenting proper deployment processes and development automation. Mostly There’s enough to do, and the pain does not feel urgent - but one downtime here, a missed critical bug there, and a few hours spent fixing an issue which could have been avoided adds up to a LOT over a few months.

Sounds Familiar? What If…

Imagine if you knew that your developers have the best tools and processes, tuned to their needs and the product. Everybody is doing what they love and are great at - developing new features they are proud of and your customers will love.

You are sure that all the tech around your product, is as good as it can be. New hires are up to speed and can start contributing after their first day - and won’t be able to destroy your production setup by accident, or disrupt the work of other developers.

Nobody is afraid to deploy changes, and you can do it as often as you like to iterate on your product quickly and test new ideas without risking chaos. Your CTO and lead dev are not the only people who can touch the production servers while praying - in fact nobody has to anymore. Your servers are not a self-grown mess of scripts, hidden conventions. They are well documented, the processes are clear and automated. In case of an unexpected traffic spike, you’re prepared to and can deal with it - without disrupting your business.

You Can Do Better

Your job is to create a product which your customers will love. Stop losing money on bad tooling and infrastructure, empower your team and start shipping your product with joy and confidence.

There’s no need to explore a sea of services and tools, or even lose a technical co-founder for weeks, on a quest of self-teaching the basics of DevOps.

What you need is a solid overview of current techniques, an understanding of what parts you can use, how they work together and how to implement them correctly in your current workflows.

By investing in the technology around your product, you can get new teammembers up to speed faster, help your team be more productive and improve the quality of everybody’s work while preventing expensive developer churn.

I can help you design and implement reliable, modern deployment processes, tailored to your team and product. No nonsense, no pointlessly hyped tools, no vendor-biased advice tailored to lock you into their unnecessary service ecosystem.

I help early-stage startups who have received cloud credits and are outgrowing their organically-grown dev ops stack, to design and implement modern, reliable deployment processes tailored to the team and product.

We might be a good fit if:

  • Your team has grown to 3 or more developers
  • A technical co-founder and one of the web developers are taking care of the servers.
  • You have built a minimal valuable version of your product, are shipping regularly, and have first customers.
  • You have secured enough cloud credits for Amazon Web Services to cover your infrastructure costs for the next 6 months.
  • You don't have a dedicated dev ops person on the team, and no platform team in sight

This seems interesting, but:

  • I don’t see the point in switching to Docker and Kubernetes for no reason. Well, we won’t necessarily. No need to jump on the bandwagon without good reasons. The solution we come up with will not be a hard break for you or your team - rather a set of incremental improvements to your current workflow which will feel natural and save you lots of pain.
  • We need to ship our product, there’s no time for that stuff. These issues will continue hurting your business if you don’t start taking care of them. You will lost more time down the line if you don’t with very high certainty. Also, you won’t need to invest lots of time anyway - that’s what you’re paying me for. We will work together just enough for me to understand where you’re currently at, and all the planning and decision making will be up to me. You will receive an actionable set of simple steps to follow and technology choices which you can adopt without getting distracted from your most important tasks.
  • We are not ready to hire dev ops people right now. You don’t have to if we work together. I can help you bridge the gap until a later moment when you will be ready and able to afford to grow your team in that area. We will work together to improve your current situation, establish standards you’re currently missing, build the foundations for clean processes which you can start adopting within your team and start transitioning to tech choices which will help you grow. Once hiring is possible, you will have a much easier time to find good candidates, as your deployment setup won’t be an eldritch nightmare with tentacles.

What people say about working with me:

Too many times you see consultants try to cookie cutter solutions into pre-defined templates. We talked to a few other consultants before settling with Vladislav, and none of them really got what we wanted. They seemed to have their own ideas of the best way to set up a BI system and didn't really adjust that based on our needs. We didn't feel that way with him at all. He really spent the time to understand us and our situation first before making any recommendations and, as such, the recommendations were spot on.

- Kevin Pak, Retro Labs, Hong Kong

How We Can Work Together

There’s no point in recommending or even building something which will not be right for you. This is why each engagement starts by learning about your company, your product, your team, how things are done currently and what’s causing you problems.

The work needed to do the research and come up with solutions is part of the Startup Deployment Level Up Roadmap consulting package, offered at a fixed price of 1500 EUR (or $1650 USD).

We will schedule up to three, 30 minutes to 1 hour conversations with the right members of your tech team to get a complete picture. Based on this information, we will be able to pinpoint the most pressing issues which matter most, and design possible ways to address them.

You will receive all insights and results achieved during this process in the form of a report, summarizing my assessment of your situation, proposing possible courses of action along with technology choices, projected budgets and timelines that you should expect moving forward.

I strongly believe in the quality of the results I deliver. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, I provide an unconditional money-back guarantee.

Ready to get started?

We will need to get to know each other first, make sure that I can help you and that we have a good fit. The usual procedure consists of a few emailed questions and a free initial consultation call via Skype. If everything looks right and we agree to move forward we will start with the consulting package described above.

Drop me a mail at mail@vsupalov.com and I’ll be in touch.