Free Email Course: 5 Days to Better Docker Images

Understand what matters when building Docker images, learn how to gain more speed and avoid the most frequent gotchas with this free course.

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Online Live Workshop: Docker Basics Crash Course

Why is Docker so popular? What is it used for? What practical problems does it solve, and should you care?

In this online live workshop, you will find all the knowledge you need to finally “get” Docker instead of jumping from one confusing online tutorial to the next and still missing the most important parts. The event is designed to provide you with a good overview of containerization and a solid understanding of the most important Docker fundamentals.

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Coming Soon: Building Better Docker Images - an Ebook

Everything you wanted to know about Docker images, best practices and how to improve your current builds - in one place. The ebook is not for sale yet, but sign up below and you'll be among the first to be notified once it's ready.

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