Is the CEO asking questions you can’t answer?

What if everybody at your mobile application marketing agency could see how any app or client are doing at a glance?

You feel like you are breaking at the seams when trying to grasp the big picture of what is happening with your clients’ apps. Your internally-built data tools helped and were great to get started, but they were not built to stick around for this long. Your team relies on making data-driven business decisions and needs aggregated data from various different sources for their daily work. If only it was easier to handle.

Are you experiencing the following problems?

  • All regular reports and especially ad-hoc requests require repetitive manual work, causing frustration and slowing everybody down.
  • Even people in management positions need to wait for days until they receive vital information.
  • You already had to drop several smaller clients, just because of the painful amount of overhead needed to deliver one more set of weekly reports.
  • You don't like to admit it, but you dread to think about what will happen once business development closes one of the big clients they have been talking about.

What if acquiring bigger and better clients wouldn’t make you worry about painful data wrangling? What if producing one more set of reports would not require more of your time. What if handling data would not get harder or tedious just because there's more of it?

Imagine how your day would look like, if everybody at the agency had a perfect view of how every managed app is performing. What would change if upper management knew which clients and apps needed more attention now? What would it mean for the company and team, if they could painlessly add more happy clients and successful apps to the portfolio?

Let's fix this.

Managing more apps does not need to mean losing overview, doing a bad job or constantly struggling to keep up. Getting a good grip on your data will enable you to grow the business and stay competitive! You even don’t need to rehaul everything and start from scratch, the transition can be gradual. Starting lean and small, without having to invest in an enterprisey overkill of a "solution". Your spreadsheet-based workflows are a valid starting point, ready to be automated and simplified to require less human interaction.

Investing in a better data analytics system will help to save time of costly employees, reduce the risk of bad decisions and prevent confusion caused by corrupted data. It will also result in an overall lower cost of ownership and significantly lessen the impact of accumulated data analytics debt which you are already experiencing.

I help mobile application marketing agencies who are outgrowing their internally-built data tools with building data analytics systems tailored to their business.

We might be a good fit if:

  • You are managing clients who have 10s and 100s large and successful apps on various stores.
  • You have experienced first-hand what data can do for your business, be it through internal tracking systems or first dashboards.
  • You already have one of "those big clients" that make work are a lot harder.
  • You are using multiple paid third-party services to help your clients do better and intend to invest in Google Analytics Premium soon.
  • You built internal proof-of-concept or prototype data tools and people are now relying on them to do their daily work, for better or worse.
  • You have a vision of how working with data will improve the business. You want to put thought and effort into planning the steps to get there, rather than jumping into implementation right away.

This seems interesting, but:

  • "Time is really short right now, maybe later will be better" - you will not have to do any handholding. It usually takes three hours of conversations to gather enough details to choose a clear way forward.
  • "I’m really not sure what to look out for" - that’s okay, I do. You only need to help me understand your business, as everything we do needs to be aligned with your goals and needs.
  • "I’m worried we be will be trying to tackle too much, with too little clarity and a way too inexperienced team" - there is no need to start with anything more than a minimal valuable analytics system - building a good foundation for further learning and extensions. If avoiding a steep learning curve and being able to iterate quickly will benefit your business, that’s what we will aim for.
  • "I’m concerned about vendor lock-in" - I’m vendor-neutral. My main focus is making sure, that your project will be a success in the short- and long-term. All results are designed to be transferable. The advice and reports you will receive can be implemented in-house or with the help of a third party. No matter what course of action we choose, I can offer additional guidance to save you time and effort.

What people say about working with me:

Upper management will have actionable insights into our portfolio on a daily basis!

Too many times you see consultants try to cookie cutter solutions into pre-defined templates. We talked to a few other consultants before settling with Vladislav, and none of them really got what we wanted. They seemed to have their own ideas of the best way to set up a BI system and didn't really adjust that based on our needs. We didn't feel that way with him at all. He really spent the time to understand us and our situation first before making any recommendations and, as such, the recommendations were spot on.

We found that we were overthinking a lot of things. We did a ton of research before reaching out to you, but had a hard time committing to any action plan because of all the options that were available. Engaging with Vladislav allowed us to set a clear path of action that was tremendously helpful in getting the ball rolling. For example, a big internal source of debate was whether to go with Google BigQuery or Amazon Redshift: management wanted to go with Redshift because Amazon Web Services was already being used in the organization, the tech team however felt that BigQuery would be more suitable. Talking to Vladislav gave us conviction to push for BigQuery and we are so glad we did. The service was immensely helpful in getting us up and running, and we felt taken care of at all times. The clarity of communication and certainty that comes from someone who has a lot of experience in the field were key benefits. His willingness to be flexible was also a big plus. Once we had the action plan, we felt pretty confident executing on it.

We are glad we engaged Vladislav and would have no hesitation to recommend him to others. We are on track to get our BI system up and running before the holidays and that wouldn't have been possible without his help and guidance.

- Kevin Pak, Retro Labs, Hong Kong

Ready to get started?

Just drop me your info at the bottom of this page and I’ll be in touch. Before getting started, we will need to make sure that I’m a good fit to help you get to the next step in your business. I only work with clients if I can guarantee meaningful results and we can expect a good ROI.

Everything we do, needs to be aligned with your business goals and be laser-focused on producing value for your agency. The only way to reliably achieve these, is by taking all relevant business-, technical- and data-aspects of your company into consideration.

To achieve the needed level of clarity, I offer a Data Pipeline Roadmapping consulting package at a fixed price of $1,600 USD. We will work together to nail down all facts which will help us choose the best path away from your current problems and towards your long-term vision. You will receive all insights and results achieved during this process in the form of a report, summarizing my assessment of your situation, proposing possible courses of action along with technology choices, projected budgets and timelines that you should expect moving forward.

The deliverable is designed to be completely transferrable, so apart from the option of executing on it together, you will have the possibilities to either implement your solution in-house or outsource it to a trusted third-party with clarity and certainty that you are on the right track.

I strongly believe in the quality of the results I deliver. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, I provide an unconditional money-back guarantee. Unlike others, I focus exclusively on mobile-friendly data pipelines for growing businesses. My speciality is to help make the transition from prototyped data tools to reliable data analytics systems which are designed to help your team deliver their best work and your agency to scale.