Changing terminal colors in Urxvt

September 27, 2014 [ urxvt | usability | unix | linux ]

On my Arch Linux machines, I really like to use the terminal emulator Urxvt and Redshift, which makes the screen surprisingly soft on the eyes after sundown. As a result, the blue color found of the default terminal color scheme is next to unreadable. Unfortunately it is used frequently on most unmodified linux distributions, for example to signify directories in a colored ls output.

One solution is to modify the ls_colors and other relevant settings by hand, on every machine you frequent via ssh. A preferable way to solve this issue once and for all is described in the following answer by sarnold to a question on Stack Overflow.

Just change the terminal emulator interpretation of colors by specifying them in the ~/.Xresources file. For Urxvt, the offending color can be subdued by adding the following line:

URxvt.color4:           #00DDFF

the changes can be applied and tested immediately by running:

$ xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources

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