Berlin Deployment & Automation Interviews

Interviews with CTOs from tech startups in Berlin about their thoughts on deployment and automation.

Getting deployment, infrastructure and dev workflows right is not an easy task. Priorities, choices and next steps depend on the team size, company state and many other factors. A lot can be learned from peers, teams who have already resolved issues which you are struggling with, or have just started addressing other ones which you are about to encounter a year or two down the line.

As that’s a very exciting topic for me, I took the time to have several chats with startup CTOs, to learn more about their companies, current issues and greatest learnings. Below, you will find three representative samples with CTOs from various company and team stages. Enjoy!


Right after building a working prototype and getting the first traction. An Interview with Alexander Braunreuther, CTO at Pyck.


Looking into the future and working on quality and sustainability while scaling the product and growing the team. An Interview with Luís Rodrigues Soares, CTO at Jodel.


With a successful product and still-small tech team, they're about to make their first DevOps hire. An Interview with Klaus Breyer, CTO/CPO at BuzzBird.